Living At Wasatch Commons


Major decisions are made by the community as a whole, using a consensus-based process. The combined skills of the community are a great resource, and the consensus process allows all community members to have their voices heard.

Routine decisions are delegated to committees. Each adult resident serves on at least one committee.

Working & Celebrating Together

Wasatch Commons residents cooperate to care for our property and each other. Celebrating together is an important part of community life.


The layout of the community is designed to foster interaction between neighbors. Homes are clustered along a pedestrian-friendly pathway and parking is on the perimeter. This creates a pedestrian-friendly pathway between the homes. Porches and common patios encourage people to linger outside.

Casual encounters on the path or in the common house, meals, formal meetings, and a community email group keep residents in touch with each other. Extensive shared facilities include the Common House, workshop, gym, play areas, and community gardens.

Sustainable Design